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Ukraine Visitor Information


When entering or leaving Ukraine, you may proceed either through Green or Red custom line. Save all documents you receive and fill out going through customs - you will need these to leave the country.

  • Green Line - for people who do not have any goods to declare.
  • Currency of Ukraine - 3000 hryvnas (except coins made of precious metals)
  • Foreign Currency - 3000 US dollars in cash and/or in cheques (or equivalent in any other foreign currency).
  • Spirits - 1 litre
  • Wine - 2 litre
  • Beer - 5 litres
  • Tobacco products - 200 cigarettes (or 200 grams of tobacco)
  • Food-stuffs for personal use - for the sum of 50 Euro (except meat products)

* explosives and weapons (except gas and hunting weapons officially approved by Ukrainian authorities), drugs, artwork and antiques, luggage sent separately.


Entering and Leaving Ukraine

To enter Ukraine, a visa is needed for all non-Ukrainian citizens except the CIS citizens (see below) and persons with diplomatic or special passports of the countries that have appropriate agreements with Ukraine.

The best and cheapest way to obtain a visa is through the Ukrainian consulate or embassy in your country prior to departure. In case of any questions contact Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Visa's Department (tel: 212-8317).

Important notice on visa requirements

Citizens of EU countries, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Japan, Andorra, Vatican, Iceland, Monaco, Norway and San Marino DO NOT need a visa if their stay in Ukraine does not exceed 90 days.

Who needs a visa

Citizens of all countries apart from those that have a visa-free agreement with Ukraine or citizens of countries that can travel to Ukraine as tourists without a visa thanks to the unilateral agreement valid since July 2005.

What kind of visa: for residents of non-qualifying countris

Depending on the purpose of your journey, choose type, duration and how many entries you want. It is a good idea to choose at least the double entry option if you're staying for more than 3 months. Your visa can be prolonged once you're in Ukraine, but you cannot change the type. The prices start at around 50 euros for a 3 month private single entry visa and increase from there, the one year multiple entry business visa will cost you around 150 euros.

Type tourist private business
Entries single double multiple
Duration 3 months 6 months 12 months

Applying for a visa

Applying for a visa is possible at your nearest embassy or consulate of Ukraine. Fill in the application form, attach your invitation, 2 passport photos, your passport and the consular fee. The standard time for obtaining a visa is 5 working days. Some embassies offer express visa in 2 days. If you have further questions, call the Visas Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on +380 44 212 83 17.


If you travel as a tourist your travel agency will provide you with an invitation as part of the package as long as you have booked accommodation through them. For a private visa you'll need to have a letter of invitation from the person you'll be staying with and who will take care of  you in case of need. The invitation has to state the name, address and other details about that person. If you don't know anyone in Ukraine this might be a little difficult, therefore there are agencies that can provide you with an invitation for a certain fee.
For your business visa you will have to produce an invitation from your Ukrainian employer or company you're going to do business with. You don't need an invitation for transit visa; if you don't currently need a visa you also don't need any invitation.

Prolonging your visa/expired visa

First of all remember that the prolonged visa will only be valid until you leave Ukraine (ie once you travel outside Ukraine you need to apply for a new one at the nearest Ukrainian embassy). Visas can be prolonged at the Central OVIR office on Shevchenko Boulevard 34. They will require a payment of about 30 UAH which can be made directly in that building. There is no informations desk nor any ticket queueing system so expect to see a group of confused people queuing from all sides there. The Central OVIR office has the following opening hours:

To prolong your visa you will need:

1. Registration (read how to get one below)
2. Two passport photos
3. Local insurance (read how and where to get one below)
4. Application form available at the OVIR office
Registering with local authorities

If your stay in Ukraine exceeds 180 days with a one-year business visa or you stay over 3 months with a tourist visa you will need to register at the local authorities (and prolong your visa). You will have to go to what is called the OVIR office, each Kiev district has one. They will require:


Your address in Ukraine
  you can bring either your apartment contract which needs to be stamped by the local authorities i.e. the rental agreement has to be legal
  or you can bring a document from your landlord stating that you live at the address verified by a notary
2. Two passport photos


Your passport with a valid visa

If you miss the registration you will have to pay a fine from 340 to 640 UAH at the local OVIR (depends on which district of Kiev you live in). When registered successfully you will have a stamp in your passport. If you don't they might demand the fine at the airport from you when you are leaving.


For foreigners it is compulsory to buy health insurance if they stay over 90 days, if you have business visa for a year, it is over 6 months. The insurance costs about 70 UAH per month and covers all emergencies. You will need to buy the insurance from PROsto Insurance company which also offers other insurance plans such as for travel, car insurance etc. Their website has all the info in English.

O.Gonchara 65, Kiev, 01601, Ukraine
tel:  +380 (44) 2386818
fax: +380 (44) 2062884

At the passport control they will ask you how much money you have. If you have more than the allowed amount and they find it, the money can be confiscated and you'll pay a fine.
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