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Kiev and Ukraine Concerts and Sporting Events


FIFA World Cup Qualifier

England vs Ukraine - 10th October 2009

The 2nd Leg of the World Cup Qualifier was played in Dnipropetrovsk

On behalf of Katerina in Kiev and myself in the UK we would like to sincerely 'thank' all the England Football Supporters who booked their Ukraine trip requirements through us. It was a pleasure to meet the majority of our English Football Supporter client's in person in Kiev and to have you all as our clients.
Including clients travelling by train and by coaches to/from Dniprotrovsk we had over 900 supporters to look after, which was rather difficult at times because of the country's systems that they operate under, bureauracy etc when arranging the required services for such large groups, so we would like to thank all the English Supporters for their patience and understanding at times. You were all a total pleasure to deal with. Thanks hugely for all your feed back as shown on our Testimonial Page
 We hope we can be of service to you again, whether visiting Ukraine on holiday at some stage in the future, for the UEFA Competitions, or for Euro 2012.


Football Competitions - 2011 / 2012

Euro 2012 / Champions League / Europa Cup

Ukraine Connections can assist travelling Football Supporters with the following

* Private charter flights from the UK
* Airport transfers
* Kiev hotel accommodation
* Train tickets
* Domestic flights
* Private air charter
* Coach and Minibus hire
* Hotel accommodation

Euro 2012 dates for matches being played in Ukraine are shown at the bottom of the page

Photos of Kiev's Stadium being rebuilt for Euro 12 - 'view'

Ukraine Connections has its head office in the UK and also has offices in Kiev and have representatives around Ukraine. With all our knowledge and experience we will be very pleased to assist Football Supporters travelling to Ukraine for the away legs against Ukrainian teams with all their travel and accommodation requirements.

* Flights To Kiev Advice
Flights can be caught from various UK airports to Kiev with numerous airlines including -
British Airways (direct flight), Ukraine International Airlines (direct flight), Wizz Air (charter airline), BMI, Air France, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Czech Airlines, Estonian Air, KLM, LOT Polish Airlines, Malev Hungarian Airlines, and Turkish Airlines. These airlines generally offer online booking facilities. The airlines will raise their prices the closer the departure date becomes, so it is advisable to book in advance.
* Please note the train departure times. If you are flying into Kiev on the same day you must allow approx 45 minutes for Kiev's Boryspil Airport Arrival Formalities and approx 45 minutes transfer time from the airport to the railway station, when selecting and booking your flights into and out of Kiev. Airport check in for outbound flights from Kiev is 1.5 hrs before take off.

We can assist travelling 'Football Supporters' with the following -

* Kiev Boryspil Airport to Kiev Railway Station / City Centre Transfers
* For group bookings - 49 and 30 seater coaches, 17 or 6 seater minibuses can be supplied for the transfer.
* For smaller groups of 3 passengers / car we can supply cars to transfer our clients.

The transfer time from the airport to the city centre / railway station is approximately 45 minutes depending on traffic. Kiev's Boryspil Airport is not serviced by the city's Metro network or railway system. Taxi driver's will hugely rip foreigners off as their taxis do not have meters, so we do advise using the airport to city transfer services that we will be specially arranging. * Kiev Hotel Accommodation
For those supporters wanting to also stay over in Kiev we can arrange all your Kiev hotel requirements for you in 3*, 4* or 5* hotels through our sister company Hotels Around Ukraine.

Travelling Around Ukraine

Train Travel
Ukraine Train Times and Prices - Please visit our Ukraine Train Website for further information on train ticket times, prices and online booking -

Kiev / Donetsk
* Overnight Sleeper Train Times
Departs Kiev at 15.05 and arrives in Donetsk at 05.00
Departs Kiev at 19.20 and arrives in Donetsk at 07.10
Departs Donetsk at 19.20 and arrives in Kiev at 07.00
Departs Donetsk at 20.03 and arrives in Kiev at 10.04
Overnight sleeper trains have 1st class and 2nd class sleeping cabins on them -
1st class (2 beds / cabin) and 2nd class (4 beds / cabin) ... more info on trains in Ukraine >>>

Kiev / Kharkiv
* Overnight Sleeper Train
Departs Kiev at 22.25 and arrives in Kharkov at 06.20
Departs Kharkov at 22.55 and arrives in Kiev at 07.15
* Express Trains
Departs Kiev at 06.37 and arrives in Kharkov at 12.20
Departs Kiev at 17.30 and arrives in Kharkov at 23.20
Departs Kharkov at 07.06 and arrives in Kiev at 12.56
Departs Kharkov at 16.27 and arrives in Kiev at 22.17

Kharkiv / Donetsk
Departs Kharkiv at 02.17 and arrives in Donetsk at 08.20
Departs Kharkiv at 05.40 and arrives in Donetsk at 12.15
Departs Kharkiv at 14.06 and arrives in Donetsk at 20.10
Departs Kharkiv at 17.03 and arrives in Donetsk at 04.30
Departs Kharkiv at 22.06 and arrives in Donetsk at 06.10
Departs Kharkiv at 23.53 and arrives in Donetsk at 06.40 Departs Donetsk at 13.47 and arrives in Kharkiv at 20.40
Departs Donetsk at 14.40 and arrives in Kharkiv at 20.57
Departs Donetsk at 15.20 and arrives in Kharkiv at 03.00
Departs Donetsk at 20.18 and arrives in Kharkiv at 05.00
Departs Donetsk at 22.40 and arrives in Kharkiv at 05.10
Kiev / Lviv
* Overnight sleeper train
Departs Kiev at 22.15 and arrives in Lviv at 06.32
Departs Lviv at 22.47 and arrives in Kiev at 07.25
* Express trains
Departs Kiev at 17.04 and arrives in Lviv at 23.29
Departs Lviv at 06.35 and arrives in Kiev at 13.00

* Please note that we will need all passengers full names at time of booking. Your train tickets and cabins are pre-allocated at the time of us purchasing your train tickets for you.
Domestic Flights
Domestic flights from Kiev's Boryspil Airport.

The following flight times are subject to change between now and June 2012. We will update them when we receive further information from the airline

Kiev / Donetsk
Depart Kiev at 07.00 and arrive in Donetsk at 08.20
Depart Kiev at 09.10 and arrive in Donetsk at 10.25
Depart Kiev at 13.45 and arrive in Donetsk at 15.00
Depart Kiev at 20.15 and arrive in Donetsk at 21.30
Depart Donetsk at 07.10 and arrive in Kiev at 08.20
Depart Donetsk at 09.20 and arrive in Kiev at 10.45
Depart Donetsk at 17.00 and arrive in Kiev at 18.20
Depart Donetsk at 19.20 and arrive in Kiev at 20.40

Kiev / Kharkov
Departs Kiev at 08.55 and arrives in Kharkov at 10.00
Departs Kiev at 15.20 and arrives in Kharkov at 16.25
Departs Kiev at 21.00 and arrives in Kharkov at 22.05
Departs Kharkov at 06.50 and arrives in Kiev at 07.55
Departs Kharkov at 10.45 and arrives in Kiev at 11.50
Departs Kharkov at 18.00 and arrives in Kiev at 19.05

Kiev / Lviv
Departs Kiev at 07.30 and arrives in Lviv at 09.10
Departs Kiev at 14.00 and arrives in Lviv at 15.40
Departs Kiev at16.00 and arrives in Lviv at 17.40
Departs Lviv at 08.00 and arrives in Kiev at 09.40
Departs Lviv at 10.00 and arrives in Kiev at 11.40
Departs Lviv at 17.50 and arrives in Kiev at 19.30Other Transport
* Domestic Private Charter Flight
If we get enough interest we can arrange for a private air charter (130 seat aircraft) to fly from Kiev's Boryspil Airport to the venue city. The aircraft will then return to Kiev after the match. Coaches will be supplied to transfer passengers to / from both airports.

* Coach / Minibus to Venue City
For large and smaller groups we can arrange coaches / minibuses to collect you from Kiev's Boryspil Airport or Kiev City Centre and transfer you to the venue city and then return you to Kiev again after the match.

Hotel Accommodation
Through our sister company 'Hotels Around Ukraine' we can arrange your hotel accommodation for you.. We can offer you lovely 3*, 4* or 5* Hotels. We have contracts with these hotels to ensure you have a very pleasant stay. Hotel accommodation will be critically short during the tournament so it is advisable to book as soon as possible Kiev Hotels.... further info....>>>
Donetsk Hotels....further info....>>>
Kharkov Hotels....further info....>>>
Lviv Hotels....further info....>>>

Kiev Apartment Rental
further information ....>>>

Donetsk Campsites
A campsite will be provided to accommodate 3000 people. Modern tents (divided into 4 sections with 3 beds in each section will be available. The price includes bedding, security, showers and toliets. Medical facilities and luggage lockers will also be available. Evening entertainment will also be available on the site
Prices -
Match days - £45 / person / night
Pre and post match days - £35 / person / night
Bookings and Payment must be made in advance and is non-refundable in the event of cancellation

Kiev Entertainment
For additional information and prices on great fun daytime and evening entertainment whilst you are in Kiev please visit our Kiev Activity Website -

Noel Gallagher Concert
Noel will be performing at the Kiev International Exhibition Centre on the 13th June during Euro 12. We can purchase advance tickets for the concert for our clients.
Prices -
Zone 1 - £55 each
Zone 2 - £40 each
Please contact us for further details / bookings

Euro 12 - Dates
9th June
Kharkiv : Holland vs Denmark : 17.00
Lviv : Germany vs Portugal : 19.45
11th June
Donetsk : France vs England : 17.00
Kiev : Ukraine vs Sweden : 19.45
13th June
Lviv : Denmark vs Portugal : 17.00
Kharkiv : Holland vs Germany : 19.45
15th June
Kiev : Sweden vs England : 17.00
Donetsk : Ukraine vs France : 19.45
17th June
Kharkiv : Portugal vs Holland : 19.45
Lviv : Denmark vs Germany : 19.45
19th June
Donetsk : England vs Ukraine : 19.45
Kiev : Sweden vs France : 19.45
23rd June (Quarter finals)
Donetsk : 19.45
24th June (Quarter finals)
Kiev : 19.45
27th June (Semi-finals)
Donetsk : 19.45
1st July (Finals)
Kiev : 19.45

Whether you are travelling in a large or a small group it will be our pleasure to assist you.

** Please kindly 'contact' us for further details including prices

Payment Options ... more info >>>

We politely insist that all clients booking with us have their own valid and adequate holiday travel insurance policy in place before making their bookings.

Visas To Enter Ukraine
British passport holders and citizens of the European Union countries DO NOT need a visa to enter Ukraine if their stay in Ukraine does not exceed 90 days

Ukraine Connections, a division of Ukraine Adventures, arranges all Ukrainian travel and holiday arrangements through our trading partners who are licenced members of IATA, ATOL, UATO, ASTA, PATA and the State Tourist Administration of Ukraine

Please kindly "contact us" for further details and prices


Concerts and Sporting Events in Kiev and Around Ukraine