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Mountain Hiking in Ukraine

Carpathian Mountains.

The Carpathian Mountains are considered to be the Green Pearl of Ukraine. It is one of the most popular resorts and tourist centers of the country. A beautiful mix of natural areas, forests, meadows, shepherds and humans living in harmony with nature is what makes the mountains so sttractive to tourists! An original nature of territory, beauty of its Alpine meadows and woods, rough rivers and mountain lakes, soft climate, curative mineral sources, the historical and architectural monuments can attract everyone to themselves. Thousands of tourists and people who like travels and adventures come here. The Ukrainian Carpathians are relatively gentle peaks that rise as high as 2061 m (Mt. Hoverla). The largest resorts are located in Slavsko, Bukovel, Tysovets, and Dragobrat. Some of the smaller resorts are in Krasiya, Dolyna, Beskid, Polyana, Synevir, Yaremche, Verkhovnya, Kosiv, and Yavoriv.

Mountain weather

If you visit the Carpathians, you will not find yourself in an extreme blizzards or dying from severe hypothermia. The Carpathians benefit from having a relatively mild temperature in winter time. Lowest winter temperatures are around -10 C to -15 C (5 F to 14 F). In summer time the weather is agreeably warm. Throughout the year, the Carpathians do get quite a bit of rainfall 800- 1500 mm (hence it’s rich and verdant plant life). However, this is spread out evenly through the year.

carpathian mountains

carpathian mountains bordering Poland

The Carpathian mountains dominate the region with their forests, rivers, lakes, alpine meadows, towns and villages. The region is rich in culture, activity and history. It is ideal for summer holidays walking, riding, mountain climbing, exploring. Equipped campsites, hikers' refuges, groomed hiking trails or signs are very rare. Topographical maps with hiking routes can be obtained at the resorts or from the local inhabitants who provide accommodation to tourists. It is highly advisable to bring rain gear. Drinking water is widely available from the mountain brooks and streams.

The Mountains.

The Carpathians are one of the main areas for sport walking-tours in Ukraine. The diversity of nature enables the hiker to master almost all techniques of walking tourism and local orientation. In the Carpathians you will encounter different routes: from the easiest to the III level of complexity.

The Ukrainian Carpathians are the mountains are of average height, and don't reach the snow line. Most of the Carpathian peaks are lower than 2000 m and only Chornohora Massif has six peaks, which are higher.

Within the main watershed there are situated the Beskydy with its highest peak - Mt. Pikui (1045 m). The most difficult, partitioned by numerous ravines Horhany (Mt. Syvualia (1818 m) is the highest peak) are stretching from Veretskyi to Yablunytskyi passes. Chornohora mountain range with the highest peaks of Ukraine extends south from the Yablunytskyi pass.

Polonynskyi range with Pikui, Borzhava, Krasna, Stih peaks is a little bit lower and belongs to the Carpathian average mountain range. Along the southern edge of the Ukrainian Carpathians the massifs of the Volcanic range with Makovytsia, Syniak, Buzhora peaks are stretching, on the landscapes of which the traces of old volcanism are evident.

The Carpathians consist mainly of shales, aleurites, limestone, sandstone of palaeogene period. Shales are easily affected by denudation therefore the mountain ranges have flat slopes.

The walking tours to the Carpathians may be arranged during May-October. But it's necessary to remember that in May there is still snow on the mountain peaks and in October the air temperature rapidly drops, especially at night.

The most interesting Carpathian routes come along the mountain ranges. The route of the III level of complexity is stretching along the ridges of Chornohora, Horhany and Svydovytsia.

The Peaks of Crimea.

Few places on Earth have so many diverse hiking and biking opportunities in such a small territory as Crimea. A multitude of micro-climates and micro-ecosystems and an abundance of roads, trails, and historical objects makes Crimea a very interesting place to explore. However, the vast majority of hikers and cyclists visit only the mountainous part of Crimea that is south of Simferopol; the rest of the peninsula is flat and quite monotonous.


The South Shore of Crimea (from Balaklava to Sudak) has a near-Mediterranean climate, with nice dry air most of the time, sunny summers, and temperatures moderated by breezes from the Black Sea. The rest of the peninsula has a moderate continental climate with more extreme temperatures. The mountain plateaus above 800 m. (the so-called "yayla") have a climate of their own that is extremely unpredictable. The weather may change many times during the day, and hail is common in the summer, blizzards in the winter, and strong gusts of wind at all times of year.

Generally speaking, the western half of the Crimean Mountains (Foros to a bit beyond Alushta) are well-watered, while those to the east of Alushta are drier, and those east of Sudak drier still. The flat areas of Crimea to the north of Simferopol are all semi-arid. The greenest areas of Crimea are the mountain slopes around Yalta and the mountains directly south of Simferopol and Bakhchisaray. The mountain plateaus actually receive the most precipitation (up to 1000 mm a year), but have much less forest cover and so can seem hotter and drier (when the sun is out!).

Crimea is a haven for mountain hikers as it has so much to offer

Popular Hiking Peaks.

Popular Peaks
How to get there.

Grand Canyon (400-800 m)
Grand Canyon. Crimea
Sokolinoe (bus from Bakhchisaray or Simferopol)

Ay-Petri Plateau and Ay-Petri Mt. (1234 m)
Ay-Petri Plateau. Crimea
1. from Yalta by minibus from the bus station, 2. by aerial tram from Miskhor to the south (take bus there from Yalta or Sevastopol), 3. from Sokolinoe or Grand Canyon area to the north (no buses, but cars drive up to the pass)

Babugan Plateau and Roman Kosh Mt. (1545 m)
Babugan Plateau. Crimea
by foot from Gurzuf (take bus there from Yalta or Alushta)

Chatyr-Dag Plateau and Eklizi-Burun Mt. (1527 m)
Chatyr-Dag Plateau. Crimea
1. Angarskyy pass (road from Simferopol to Alushta and Yalta, by trolleybus or minibus), 2. Perevalnoe village (same road, but nearer to Simferopol)

Demerdzhi Plateau, North Demerdzhi Mt. (1356 m) and South Demerdzhi Mt. (1239 m), Valley of the Ghosts
Demerdzhi Plateau. Crimea
1. Angarskyy pass (road from Simferopol to Alushta and Yalta), 2. Perevalnoe village, 3. Luchistoe village (bus from Alushta)

Karabi Plateau, Kara-Tau Mt. (1220 m), Tay-Koba Mt. (1259 m)
Karabi Plateau. Crimea
1. Golovankovka or Krasnoselovka villages (bus from Simferopol to Belogorsk, then by minibus), 2. Generalskoe village (bus from Alushta)

Ukraine Connections will recommend and organise all your accomodation and travel requirements for your hiking experience to the beautiful Carpathian Mountains and Peaks of Crimea.

Please kindly "contact us" for further details and prices

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