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city population: 1.2 mln
distance to Kiev: 480 km
regional area: 33,300 km2
regional population: 2.55 mln
region's urban population: 65.8%

Odessa is not only Ukraine's most important sea port and Ukraine's 3rd largest city - in many ways it has more local character than any other city in the country. Founded in 1794 by Catherine the Great, Odesa became wealthy in the 19th and early 20th centuries on the grain trade, shipping, and smuggling. To this day Odesans are renowned for their sharp wit and canny trading abilities which were shaped due to the culture mix.

Within a short period of time the city, with its beautiful harbour on the Black Sea, has become Ukraine's southern window to Europe and an important cultural centre. The city is constantly hosting exhibits, symposia, and conferences. It is the site of consulates and trade missions of many countries; many cultural exchange societies are active in the city.

Every year, approximately 100,000 tourists visit Odessa attracted by its tree lined boulevards and Prymorsky Stairs, the marine railway and beautiful beaches, numerous new structures, and the unusual architecture of old Odessa

Odessa Photo Gallery

Odessa is a beautiful sea port on the Black Sea

Main Post Office:

10 Sadova vul.
tel. (0482) 26-74-93
tel. (0482) 26-64-67

Central Bus Station:
58 Kolontayivskoyi vul.
tel. (048) 732-56-93
information service: (0482) 004

Railway Station:
2 Pryvokzalna pl.
tel. (0482) 27-42-42
information service: (0482) 005
ticket booking: (0482) 083

Odesa State International Airport:
information service: (0482) 39-33-12

Marine Port:
6 Prymorska bvd.
tel. (0482) 22-32-11

Taxi Reservation:
tel. (0482) 088, (048) 731-03-10

Highly Recommended
If an ordinary lifestyle is not for you, our very strong advice is for you to visit Odessa, "The Pearl of the Black Sea". This vivacious seaport frolics in the good life right around the clock. The exraordinary aura of Odessa is something not to be missed. Every one of us deep at heart has a special city, which after having visited, is like making a secret wish come true. Odessa certainly is one of them.

Climate Of Odessa
Odessa has a relatively warm continental andd comparatively dry climate with long summers and temperatures averaging 23 degrees C during the summer months. There are more than 290 sunny days in the year. Winters are short and mild with an average temperature of around freezing point

Architectural Landscape
Architectural Landscape of Odessa is unique. In Odessa, where the number of educated and well-to-do people has always been considerable since the very early years, the yearning for beauty is universal. The Russian noblemen, Greek merchants, French aristocracy, Italian, Bulgarian and German expatriates would recreate a habitual environment featuring a distant motherland. Thus, Odessa landscape is formed by sumptuous palaces in Roman style, French passages stylised as ancient trade galleries, Greek structures with terraces and inner courtyards, typical Mediterranean cofee-houses and wine-cellars, and prayer houses of practically all the world religions. All the vast central part of the city is a unique architectural reserved area where Gothic and Classicism, Empire style and Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau stlye, have all intertwined most organically.

Odessans are extremely friendly people
People of nearly 100 nationalities call Odessa their home. With a kind of motherly love Odessa cherishes the names of her nationality inhabitants which is reflected in the names of her streets and squares : the streets Bessarabskaya (Bessabarian), Bolgarskaya (Bulgarian), Grecheskaya (Greek), Evreyskaya (Jewish), Polskaya (Polish), Frantsuzskiy Bvd (French). Italyanskiy Bvd (Italian). Odessans are known by their ability to find reason for a good-natured joke, not forgetting to banter over themselves in any situation. It is inherent in them to perceive life as an ongoing celebration in spite of different everyday troubles and historic catacllysms. Odessans are very hospitable folks. No matter in what language you are speaking help, you will definitely find compassion and willingness to assist you.

Odessa Sights and Museums and Theatres

Odessa Archaeology Museum
Archaeology Museum
Odessa Fine Arts Museum
Fine Arts Museum
Odessa Literary Museum
Literary Museum

Odessa Belshchunov Museum
Belshchunov Museum
Odessa East West Museum
East West Museum
Odessa Sea Port Museum
Sea Port Museum

Odessa Wax Museum
Wax Museum
Odessa Maritime Museum
Maritime Museum
Odessa Military History Museum
Military History Museum

Odessa Potemkin Stairs
Potemkin Stairway
Odessa Pushkin Museum
Pushkin Museum
Odessa Primorsky Boulevard
Primorsky Boulevard

OdessaWW11 Museum
WW11 Museum
Odessa Opera and Ballet House
Opera and Ballet House
Odessa Philharmonic Theater
Philharmonic Concert Hall

Odessa Beaches

Odessa's sandy beaches are a true delight for the holiday maker. The city is hemmed by a 40-km long sandy shore line. Beach holidays here are a cult, an incomparable and irreplacable enjoyment. Visitors to the beach clubs will find it more difficult to concentate on just the blue sea. Surfing and diving, restaurant services enjoyed on a beach-bed, sailing out on a yacht, jet ski rides quite often end up with a late dinner and dancing in the moonlight .

Arcadia Beach Odessa

Otrada Beach
Otrada beach (Пляж Отрада) is easy to recognize by the cable cars. For 3 Hryvnia one way, visitors can take the cable cars down to the beach, which takes about 5 minutes. The cable way is 425 meters long with the cars moving just over 16 meters above the ground. We at Ukraine Connections favour Otrada Beach but all 3 beaches are worth a visit

Arcadia Beach Odessa
Otrada Beach Odessa
Otrada Beach Odessa

Arcadia Beach
Arcadia district and beach was named after a mountainous district in Greece, which was known as the home of content pastoral villagers. The founders of Odessa chose this name for this area in the hopes it would help make is a success as a holiday resort. It worked, today Arcadia is the most popular beach, health resort, and nightspot in Odessa. Arcadia has twenty sanatoriums. These sanatoriums treat cardiovascular diseases, nervous system, and respiratory diseases.

Otrada Beach Club Odessa
Odessa Beach Club swimming pool Odessa

Langeron Beach
A 1.5 hour walk north of Arcadia beach, 45 minutes north of Otrada beach and the cable cars, and just East of Shevchenko Park. Langeron Beach is much quieter than Arcadia and the closest beach to the city center. It is more than a kilometer long and 40 meters wide. A large yellow shell rock marks the border between the Langeron and Otrada beaches.

Odessa Dolphinarium
Odessa Dolphinarium

Restaurants and Night Life in Odessa

Odessa Restaurants offer total mouthwatering cuisine whether they be Western or Ukrainian dishes. Firm favourite restaurants found around the beautiful streets of Odessa are -

Amacord - (Aleksandrovsky Ave. 10)
Aliye Parusa - (Ekaterininskaya, 14)
Buffalo 99 - (Rishelievskaya str, 7)
Cowboy Saloon - (Grecheskaya str, 32)
Chayka - (21, Deribasovskaya, str)
Deja Vue La Mer - (Troitskaya str, 50)
Estrellita - (Yekaterininskaya, 1)
Gambrinus - (Deribasovskaya str 31)
Greenwich Cafe - (Bunina 21)
Hong Kong - (Gavannaya str)
Irish Pub - (Deribasovskaya str. 13)
Kumanets - (Gavannaya str, 7)
Mario's Pizzeria - (Sadovaya 15)
Mojo Cocktail Club - (Gavannaya str, 7)
Mozart - (Lanzheronovskaya str, 13)
Red Lobster - (Marazlievskaya str.1)
Shalimar - (Grecheskaya str. 50)
Steakhouse - (Deribasovskaya str, 20)
Ukrainian Lasunka - (Deribasovskaya str, 17)
Yokogama - (Deribasovskaya, 26)

Odessa Nightlife

Itaka Nightclub Arcadia Beach Odessa

Ibiza Nightclub Arcadia Beach Odessa
Nightlife - Odessa comes alive at night as party goers leave their restaurants and comfortable hotel rooms to venture off to the exciting night clubs which are mainly found in the city centre and at Arcadia Beach

Arcadia Beach Nightclubs


City Centre Nightclubs
Arena - (12 Lanzheronovskaya)
Bounty - (13th Fontana Station)
Mehico - (Akademika Glushko pr., 16)
Mirazh - (Preobrazhenskaya, 36)
Palladium - (Italian boulevard, 4)
Praetoria - (Lanzheronovskaya, 26)
X Club - (12 st. Bolshogo Fontana)


Odessa Hotels >>>

Odessa Sightseeing Tours
Ukraine Connections will very hapilly arrange all your sightseeing tours for you during your stay in Odessa. Our tour guides are all natives to Odessa and speak English very well.

Odessa Photo Gallery >>

Odessa Yacht Tours
Whether you fancy a day trip sailing along Odessa Bay or a 7 day cruise from Odessa to Crimea and back again then we can arrange this for you aboard sailing or motor yachts. These cruises are very popular and come highly recommended ....more

Getting To Odessa
Odessa International Airport is serviced by Austrian Airlines (flights from all over Europe via Vienna), Czech Airlines (via Prague), Carpatair (via Timisoara), LOT Polish Airlines (via Warsaw), Malev Hungarian Airlines (via Budapest) and Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul)

Odessa Seaport

Travel In Ukraine
Ukraine Connections Extremely Friendly and Helpful Staff will very happily arrange all your internal travel arrangements for you during your trip around Ukraine, whether they be by private car hire, domestic flights, train or bus/coach tickets or airport / railway station transfers.

Allow Us To Assist You With
Odessa is a truely lovely city to visit. and we highly recommend Odessa, a city that will cherish your memories for a very long time. To enable you to have a truely fantastic holiday allow us to arrange the following for you -

* Internal Airtickets or Train Tickets
* Airport or Railway Station Transfers
* Hotel or Apartment Rental Accommodation
* Sightseeing Tours


Please kindly "contact us" for further details and prices

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