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Travelling and Transport Around Ukraine

Ukraine Connections, with many years of valuable experience, will organise all your accommodation and travel arrangements for you during your trip to Ukraine, including flights and train reservations.

Once you arrive at Borispol or any other Ukrainian International Airport, Ukraine Connections will very happily organise all your transfers and internal travel requirements.

These include:
* Hotel Accommodation
* Coach, Bus or Minibus Hire
* Apartment rental
* Private Chauffeur
* Airport Transfers
* Domestic Flights
* Train Travel
* Car Hire

** Domestic Flights in Ukraine **

 Ukraine Connections will organise all your internal flight arrangements

Kiev has 2 airports:

* Borispol
* Zhulyany

Flights can be taken to the following airports:
* Lviv
* Odessa
* Donetsk
* Lugansk
* Kharkov
* Zaporizhia
* Dnipropetrovsk
* Ivano-Frankivsk

** To View Flight Timetables from Kiev to other Cities around Ukraine...>>>more **
Boryspil Airport Layout Map

Boryspil Airport Hotel
If you flight schedules are tight and you need hotel accommodation at Boryspil Airport Hotel rather than in Kiev City Centre, then please contact us for prices and availability

** Train Travel and Train Tickets In Ukraine **

Airport Transfers - We can collect you from the airport and transfer you to the railway station and then give you your pre-purchased train tickets at the same time.
Hotel Accommodation - We have contracts will all leading hotels around Ukraine
Train Times and Prices - Please visit our Ukraine Train Website for train ticket times, prices and online booking -

Train travel in Ukraine is relatively cheap and trains leave Kiev for basically every corner of Ukraine on a daily basis. Ukraine Connections will very happily advise on train timetables plus book your Ukraine train tickets for you in advance. We also offer transfers to Kiev's main railway station from either the airport or from your place of accommodation.

Trains from Kiev can be caught to all major citys around Ukraine including to -

Chernivitsy, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kharkov, Lugansk, Lviv, Mariupol, Nikolaev, Odessa, Poltava, Sumy, Zaphorizhia.

Trains can be caught from city to city including smaller citys and towns around Ukraine

Express Trains
These are the best trains, usually going overnight between big regional centers of the country. Those trains make quite a few stopovers en-route, have carriages of good quality and service.
Some of those trains include 1st class carriages for peak seasons, and exclude them for the rest of the year. Express trains usually have 1st, 2nd and 3rd class carriages. Express train numbers vary from route 001 to 149.

Passenger Trains
Quite slow trains, making numerous stopovers. Traveling might take up to 30 hours for long-distance routs. The quality of a train depends on a route and may vary from good to barely acceptable. As a rule, these trains have 2nd, 3rd and 4th class carriages. Passenger train numbers vary from route 171 to 699

Carriage Classification
Carriages' classification in Ukraine differs from European standards.
There are 5 types of carriages on the trains in Ukraine: SW (sleeping wagon), coupe, platzcart, common wagon (with numbered reserved seats), sit up (on suburban trains)
For convenience we have put classification - 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th class

1st Class Sleeper
This is the best type of carriages in Ukraine. Every carriage has 9 cabins, 2 berths in each cabin. Beneath the lower berth(s) there is a box for luggage, which can accommodate 1-2 medium bags. Bigger storage for luggage is in the niche above the door. There is a small unfolding table by the window. Every cabin has a door lock and can be locked from the inside.

There are two models of 1st class cabins:
* with horizontal berths (two berths on the same level)
* with vertical berths (one berth is above another, those cabins usually have a wash-stand under unfolding table lid) Each carriage has WCs with wash-stands, 2 per each carriage. 1st class cabins are air-conditioned during the summer time. Air-conditioning is functioning while the train engine is working. Therefore it might be rather hot in the first hour or so of the trip and when the train is making stopovers. One or two stewards serve every carriage. In winter there is adequate heating.

first class train compartment

1st Class Compartment
2 beds

Second class train compartment

2nd Class Compartment
4 bunk beds

2nd Class Sleeper
2nd class is usually quite acceptable type of carriages. The quality depends on each train.
Each carriage has 9 cabins, each cabin has 4 berths - 2 lower and 2 upper ones. There are boxes for luggage below the lower berths. Bigger storage for luggage is in the niche above the door. There is a small unfolding table by the window. Every cabin has a door lock and can be locked from the inside. 2nd class cabins in Express trains are usually air-conditioned but not always. Each carriage has WCs with washing-stands, 2 per each carriage. One or two stewards serve every carriage.

3rd Class Sleeper
Not the best choice. Each carriage has 54 berths, among which 36 berths of normal type (in cabins) and 18 side located (along the passageway). Berths are in two levels. Cabins have no doors and cannot be closed. There are boxes for luggage below lower level berths in cabins, and small luggage niches below side located ones. Under the upper level berths there are small berths for storing the luggage. Each carriage has WCs with washing-stands, 2 per each carriage. One or two stewards serve every carriage.In spite of very low quality of 3rd class carriages they are popular in Ukraine, the reason is their very low tickets price.

4th Class
The words "cattle trucks" come to mind - do we need to say any more?

Suburban Trains
There are two sorts of these trains: electric and diesel. The trains go within a region limits or between two regions close to each other. Quality of the trains is very low and the trains are extremely slow, usually overcrowded, especially in summer, have no sleeping berths. Short distance travel might take up to 6 hours, while going by car would cut the time in half.

** Coach and Bus Travel in Ukraine **

Regretably we do not generally arrange coach tickets for travel within Ukraine - one of the reasons being that the coach companies will not issue tickets more than 10 days in advance from the date of departure, then they tend to sell them very rapidly which is far to risky for our clients who may have already booked their international flights to Ukraine.

We have supplied a timetable for you should you wish to book your own coach travel once you are in Ukraine.

luxury ukraine coaches
luxury ukraine buses

** London to Lviv and Kiev Buses / Coaches .... more >

** Bus, Coach and Minibus Hire **

We can supply group travellers with very reliable vehicles and driver for:

* Boryspil Airport to city centre transfers
* City centre sightseeing tours
* Travel to other cities around Ukraine and Crimea like Odessa, Lviv and Yalta

Please contact us for further details

Ukraine Connections arrange all flights, train travel and holidays through our trading partners who are licenced members of IATA, ATOL, UATO, ASTA and PATA.

Please kindly "contact us" for further details and prices

Ukraine Connections specialise in trains and flights around Ukraine